Pre-Audit Review

You’re almost ready for certification, we’ll give you a second opinion and help you make it the rest of the way.

About our Pre-Audit Review:

Some organisations are almost ready for standards certification in regards to documentation and level of implementation. Perhaps the organisation is confident they are almost ready because they have only recently lost their certification or they have a mature, well documented system that was built to the relevant compliance standards.

If the organisation is not confident they are ready for certification, they should consider our following services:

About our service:

Companies suited to this service will enjoy having a Scarab Systems consultant that will not over complicate things and that will let you run your business the way you want to, in accordance with the selected standards.

This service includes a brief review of your documentation and practices against the chosen standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP food safety and AS/NZS 4801:2001).

Any areas for improvement will be highlighted and reported for your rectification. Also, take the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any points of compliance with the chosen standards to help improve your current knowledge. Clients will also enjoy having someone to bounce ideas off.

Our Pre-Audit Review is best suited to organisations that:

  • Are almost ready for certification in terms of documentation and implementation*
  • Need a final check over or second opinion to confirm readiness for certification
  • Are not quite confident and need to bounce ideas off a consultant

*If the organisation is not happy with their procedures, they should try the Gap Analysis  or our Consulting Service

Why should I use Scarab Systems for my Pre-Audit Review?

 You will get a: 

  • Very helpful and knowledgeable consultant
  • Each consultant is part of a team of consultants, all of which are willing to help out for the more difficult questions
  • Compliancehelp consultants are succinct and get straight to the point. No huge and confusing report written in ISO speak
  • 100% certification success, so you have the confidence that you are getting the right help