Gap Analysis

You’ve got some good documentation and it is partially implemented. Let us take you all the way to certification 

About Scarabs Gap Analysis Service:

Some organisations want a lot more assurance of their readiness for certification than a brief visit by a consultant and also need help filling a few gaps at the same time. The Gap Analysis Service we provide is similar to the Pre Audit Review but is more suited to someone who is not as ready and needs more time and help to get it right, but they don’t need the full-blown Consulting Service.

If the organisation is not confident with their documentation and readiness, or their manual was from a template or another consultant and the organisation wants a fresh start that delivers real benefits, including saving time and money, they should consider our Consulting Service

About our service:

Some consultancy companies will provide a gap analysis only. What you get though is a report when what you really needed was someone who will get down to business and actually do something for you that will progress you toward certification.  At Scarab Systems, we get down to business and offer real help.

Our consultants know that you want to achieve your certification with little fuss and will often even suggest improvements to your existing documentation and practices, not just in places where you have gaps.

Companies suited to this service will enjoy having an experienced consultant that will not over complicate things and that will let you run your business the way you want to, in accordance with the selected standards, because at the end of the day the business is your business.

This service includes a more in-depth review of your documentation and practices against the chosen ISO standards like (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801) or whichever ISO Standard you would like to be audited to. Any areas for improvement will be highlighted and reported to enable you to make those crucial and informative decision making.

With this service, our consultant will take the time to identify gaps in your preparation, including identifying any missing processes or forms. Clients may also, take the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any points of compliance with the chosen standards to help improve their current knowledge. Clients will also enjoy having someone to bounce ideas off.

Our Gap Analysis Service is best suited to organisations that are confidently 65-80% almost ready for certification in terms of documentation and implementation*

*If the organisation is confident they are in a more advanced state of readiness, they should select our Pre Audit Review Service.

Why should I use Scarab Systems for my Gap Analysis:

  • We will actually help you by filling in the gaps in your documentation
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable consultant
  • Each consultant is part of a team of consultants, all of which are willing to help out for the more difficult questions
  • Scarab System Consultants are efficient and get straight to the point. No huge and confusing report written in ISO terminology.
  • 100% certification success, so you have the confidence that you are getting the right help.