Health & Safety 'do-it-yourself' System

Providing a safe work environment to protect your employees from illness and injuries is an important factor to the success of every organisation. Without proper management of employee's health and safety organisations are exposed to the risk of financial loss through illness related employee absence or underperformance and even more importantly the human health risks of illness, injuries or fatalities which are enforced heavily through legislation and regulatory compliance.

Our ‘do-it-yourself’ toolbox gives you the templates and 'tools' to get Health & Safety with a simple, practical and effective system.

  1. Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety Management
  2. Management Commitment to Occupational Health & Safety
  3. Organisation
  4. Legislation and Regulatory Compliance
  5. Occupational Health & Safety Review of Operations
  6. Occupational Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  7. Occupational Health & Safety Planning
  8. Occupational Health & Safety Hazard Control & Monitoring
  9. Emergency Preparedness & Response
  10. Accident Reporting, Investigation and Continuous Improvement
  11. Contractors and Sub-contractors
  12. Training, Awareness & Competence
  13. Document Control & Control of Records
  14. System Verification
  15. Communication
  16. Glossary of Terms
  17. Appendix index

 We also supply you with the appropriate forms that support the system to include any H & S forms


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