ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management 'do-it-yourself' System

Scarabs DIY Quality 'do-it-yourself' System  is a Quality Management System that organisations around the globe are choosing to demonstrate their commitment to Quality Assurance. While this standard addresses all requirements of a Quality Management standard compliant to ISO 9001, it is much easier to implement and to maintain. Consequently implementation is usually less resource intensive and more cost effective for your business.

Our ‘do-it-yourself’ toolbox gives you the templates and 'tools' to get ISO 9001 with a simple, practical and effective quality system.

  1. Includes outline quality policy and objectives
  2. Internal audit checklist
  3. Document and data control procedure
  4. Control of records procedure
  5. Competence, training and awareness procedure
  6. Design and development control procedure
  7. Purchasing procedure
  8. Control of calibrated equipment procedure
  9. Customer satisfaction procedure
  10. Control of nonconforming product procedure
  11. Corrective and preventive action procedure

 We also supply you with the appropriate forms that support the system


(NB - All prices are in NZD and include GST)