Quality Warranty

Scarab Systems "Quality Warranty" is a Quality Management Standard that organisations around the globe are choosing to demonstrate their commitment to Quality Assurance. While this standard addresses all requirements of a QMS compliant to ISO 9001, it is much easier to implement and to maintain. Consequently implementation is usually less resource intensive and more cost effective. This makes Eco Warranty a perfect alternative for small to medium size organisations. However, all types of organisations can achieve certification to this standard from primary producers, transport companies, fruit and produce agents, manufacturing companies, civil engineering, construction, government bodies, through to professional service providers and retailers.

Quality Warranty has some advantages over ISO 9001, these are:

  1. The certification is often more cost effective.
  2. The certification logo can be used on products and packaging to demonstrate your commitment to quality (this is not allowed with ISO 9001 certification). 
  3. Consumers are more likely to know what "Quality Warranty" is rather than ISO 9001. 
  4. The standard has been laid out in a simple user friendly format. 
  5. One of our current auditors described it as "a very workable, easy-to-understand standard that is not full of 'mumbo-jumbo' to baffle all potential clients".