Work Safe Warranty

Providing a safe work environment to protect employees from illness and injuries is an important factor to the success of every organisation. Without proper management of employee's health and safety organisations are exposed to the risk of financial loss through illness related employee absence or underperformance and even more importantly the human health risks of illness, injuries or fatalities. Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) provide organisations with valuable tools to protect the workers’ health and safety in a systematic manner. Certification of OHSMS enables organisations to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety to their stakeholders and ensures that they are operating to internationally proven standards.

Safe Work Warranty has some advantages over AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001, these are:

  • The certification is often more cost effective.

  • The certification logo can be used on products and packaging to demonstrate your commitment to the environment (this is not allowed with H&S Management – Work Safe Warranty AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001 certification).

  • Consumers are more likely to know what Safe Work Warranty is rather than AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001. The standard has been laid out in a simple user friendly format.